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How big is your family?
One sister, father and mother, but my sister and I have grown-up with our father. So my family is fairly small: it’s just the three of us since I was two. My parents occasionally tried to get back together but have always failed so… We have a great relationship with my grandmother. She actually came to Monza!

French fries or chocolate cake?
Chocolate cake.

If you were an animal, which one would it be?
To be very honest I’m not a really great fan of animals. I’m afraid of all of them! We don’t have pets.

What’s your favourite non-racing pastime?
I’d say spending time home with friends.

What was the last book your read?
I read quite a few autobiographies like Usain Bolt’s or Jamie Vardy’s from Lester. Currently I’m reading a thriller Ragdoll from Daniel Cole. It’s about six or seven victims made into one doll… It is bizarre.

If you could be any film character, who would it be?
Honestly, I’m happy with who I am…

What is one thing no one knows about you?
There’s a lot of things! There are a lot of good stories to tell off the record… I wear glasses.

Who is your favourite person to follow on social media?
Victoria Secret’s models [laughs].

What is the best thing about racing?
Anything in life which is dangerous, challenging and difficult is fun. Obviously driving a car to the limits and fighting against competitors make it even more exciting and interesting. I like driving anything with an engine. I think it’s really cool to do.

What is your favourite moment of a race?
If I’m leading it’s crossing the finish line. The start is always an exciting part of the race. It’s very important to get it right. But really I like every second of a race.

Who’s your biggest rival this season?
Everyone has the same: Charles.

Who is your favourite person in the team?
I haven’t been with them for such a long time and I’m still learning their names, but I get on very well with all of them.

Do you prefer a teammate who is faster or slower than you?
It’s good to have a competitive teammate because it’s pushing you and the team. You can push each other forward. It’s best for the overall performance.

Define yourself as a driver in three words.
Dedicated, hard worker.

What is your non-racing dream?
When I was young I wanted to become an architect. I was into interior design.

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