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09:30 – Wake up – the only race where I can afford to sleep in a bit considering we race at night!
10:00 – Breakfast – my favourite meal of the day 😀
11:30 – Gym session with my trainer Fergus – just a light, full body muscle activation session to get everything prepped for the race later in the evening
13:00 – Lunch – ate quite a lot as I wasn’t going to eat a proper meal until after the race.  Just ate some snacks in between lunch and the feature race to make sure I had enough energy to get through it

14:00 – Arrive at the track – luckily I was staying just outside the circuit so it was only a 10 minute walk to the paddock
14:15 – Meeting with engineers to discuss the strategy for the race as well as car setup.  We opted for the option prime strategy, which I believe was the right choice in the end.
15:10 – Drivers parade – something new this year which I think was a really cool idea.  It puts us F2 drivers more in the spotlight which is always nice

17:15 – Warm up – a combination of exercises to increase the heart rate and warm up the muscles, reactions, and mind!
18:00 – Get strapped in the car
18:25 – Pit lane opens so we can do our reconnaissance laps to the grid.  These are very important laps as it allows us to feel the handling of the car a bit to see if we need to make any other changes on the grid before the start of the race
18:40 – Lights out- race starts

19:40 – Race is over – started P11 and ended up finishing P5 after some post-race disqualifications
20:30 – Race debrief – wasn’t really happy with my pace so we did a lot of analysis on both my driving and the car setup to have a better Race 2
22:00 – Dinner back at my hotel
23:00 – Bed time! Dreaming of a good start from P4 on the grid for the race tomorrow (***and it worked out as I vaulted to 2nd by the end of the first corner :D)

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