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What does RUSSIAN TIME’s Luca Ghiotto bring with him to every race (other than his helmet and suit, of course)? Read and find out.


It’s made of my gloves and the sparring pads for my trainer. At the track, I use it at least once before every session. On Friday, we have two sessions so I use it a bit more in the morning: my body is not properly awoken, so a longer warm-up is needed. In the afternoon, I use it for a shorter period of time, simply to warm up before jumping into the car. It gives me a bit of a boost. On race day, it’s the same session that I do before free practice. My trainer Francesco is my sparring partner. I’ve hit him quite a lot since the beginning of the season, but I’ve always managed to miss his face! [laughs] He is the one who tells me what kind of punches I need to throw: quick and light, or hard. I’m not a boxer so I’m sure the way we use it has nothing to do with a professional boxer.


They are noise-cancelling headphones: when I travel, I use them a lot. Usually then I listen to calm music. It helps me rest before an event and be ready for the event ahead. This way, I can get to the track in top form. And then, when I use my headphones before I need to jump in the car, I mainly listen to house music to get pumped.


It’s the most important item for the weekend. It changes with every round. This is the eleventh of the season. It carries all the info about the track, data from previous seasons, temperatures that we can expect. It’s all technical data, private data for the team. It’s confidential obviously. Thanks to this book, you can learn a new track quicker. My book should be identical to Artem’s [laughs]! The team prepares the books ahead of each round. It’s also for the engineers and the whole team really. It’s not specific for each car. It’s for the team’s benefit.

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