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Describe your teammate in one word.
Sean Gelael
: Short.
Nyck De Vries: Hmm?
Sean: [laughs] No, no…
Nyck: No, go for it, it’s supposed to be fun!
Sean: He’s uh…you first, I’m thinking of something!
Nyck: Tall. Come on, we have to keep it funny!
Sean: No I’m trying to think of the word, because you’re far from short. Smurf? Let’s do the second question first and come back to that one.

If your teammate was a superhero, who would they be?
: If he was a superhero? He would be Inspector Gadget.
Nyck: And he would be James…who’s that basketball player?
Sean: He said superhero.
Nyck: What’s the difference? For me a superhero could be anything, like an athlete…
Sean: No, that’s a hero! A superhero is like Batman…
Nyck: I’m not very good at that sort of stuff.
Sean: Actually, my one word is “inspector”, I like that.
F2: I think you’re gonna have to choose your own superhero, Sean.
Sean: I have a thing for Batman, so him.

If you could steal one quality from your teammate, which one would it be?
: To do in one lap what he does, I think he’s very good at that. Whatever happens, he manages to do one lap that’s really clean, so that trait.
Nyck: General knowledge.
Sean: Good answer.
F2: You’d want him on your quiz team?
Nyck: Definitely. With motorsport I can survive, but for the rest I’d need him.

What does your teammate do that annoys you the most?
[Long pause, then both laugh]
Sean: He’s very…some sort of like, OCD kind of thing. So I stayed in a room with him, and he’s very…he wants it very clean, and everything in its place, how he puts on his shirt or brushes his hair, it has to be very precise. It’s a good thing, but also…I’m not used to it.
Nyck: And then he turns up to our changing area, and it’s like an explosion!
Sean: I’m not that bad!
Nyck: For god’s sake, can you not put your suit away normally? We have a big laundry basket, and he still manages to throw it half-in, half-out. I’m like, dude, you play basketball every day, is it that hard to get it in?
Sean: See, I’m playing mind games already with him!
Nyck: So I guess it’s vice versa thing.
F2: So Nyck annoys you with his cleanliness, you annoy him with your messiness?
Sean: I’m not that messy, not compared to someone like Pierre [Gasly] or someone…
Nyck: Or Charles [Leclerc], Pierre isn’t that messy…

Who needs the longest warm-up before jumping in the car?
: [instantly] Him.
Nyck: I’m not actually that sure…
Sean: No, you take long.
Nyck: No, I’m not sure if it takes that long…
Sean: The thing is, he takes his time.
Nyck: Oh, okay, to get in the car? Yeah.
Sean: And he does his shoes right, straight body…it’s good form!
Nyck: He’s right. Thing is, if I have 20 minutes, I’ll take 20 minutes. If I have ten, I take ten.
Sean: He maximises the time.
Nyck: I don’t maximise, I just use the time!

Who talks the most at the briefings?
: [points at Nyck]
Nyck: Hey, you always have the most questions, my friend…
Sean: This guy! He definitely asks a lot more in the drivers’ meeting. It depends to be honest, if it’s questions, it’s him, but if it’s feedback it’s pretty even. It’s quite similar, really.
Nyck: I’d say your debriefs are longer…
Sean: I dunno, it’s plus, minus…
Nyck: Plus, minus.

At which concert would you take your teammate to?
: There’s a lot of like, Dutch DJs, right? I dunno. With you, I’d love to see something like Backstreet Boys, reunited. We’d just hold hands and reminisce…
Nyck: Do they even exist anymore?
Sean: No, that’s why I said reunited! I dunno, you like all-sorts, right?
Nyck: I’m a bit into all kinds of music.
Sean: For me, I’d just enjoy any concert with him.
Nyck: Awww!
Sean: Even if it’s anything from Black Sabbath to Taylor Swift.
Nyck: I think I’d rather see Taylor Swift.
Sean: [sings Taylor Swift’s 22] Oh wait, I’m turning 22 this year, so definitely Taylor Swift!
Nyck: Actually, this is probably something you don’t know, but I’ve actually seen Sean perform. So if I had to choose a concert, I’d go and see him. It happened with his friends, it looked like there was a band playing, and I knew we went to a place where Sean knew people. We went there, and at some point they called Sean up to the stage. I’m like “uh okay, what’s going on?” I remember the song was “Ride Wit Me” by Nelly, and he had his own version! I was very impressed, I still have the videos somewhere…he definitely has a lot of skills and talents, and he’s good at anything. I genuinely mean it.
Sean: I’m about to cry right now!

Who is the most active on social media?
: Erm, similar I guess?
Sean: I don’t really do Twitter or Facebook…
F2: You’re an Insta guy?
Sean: Yeah, and I think it’s because Twitter’s still big in Europe but it’s dying down in Asia, so that’s one of the reasons why. It’s different, definitely he’s more in the motorsport area. We have a different approach.

What’s the one place (country, restaurant, club,…) you’d recommend your teammate to go to on their spare time?
: Well he’s actually been to my place, I’ve never been to his place!
Nyck: I’d like to show you around the Netherlands, actually! I met Sean’s family in Jakarta, and ended up being on the other side of the world talking my own language with his grandmother, and nobody was able to follow!
Sean: Before, Indonesia was colonised by the Dutch so my grandma had to speak Dutch in high school. Anyway, I’d recommend–
Nyck: –Actually, I’d love to watch a basketball game with you in the States or something.
Sean: Or a Taylor Swift concert!

What’s the best advice you have for your teammate for this season?
: Save tyres.
Nyck: [chuckles] Cheers mate! I’d say: stay focused!

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