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What’s inside Maximilian Günther’s kit bag when he comes to every race? The BWT Arden driver gives us the tour…


I bring these especially for the warmup before the sessions, to keep myself warm mentally as well as physically. It’s good for coordination and to get me ready when I jump in the car, so that’s the reason why I take them with me. Of course, I have a fitness trainer, but he’s back at home. He joined me at the racetracks over the last three years, but I’m now alone at the track so I do the warmups by myself. I know the routines and know exactly what to do.


I have them so if there is some time to relax a bit and to listen to some music just to get my head free and away from racing. I usually listen to normal pop music, stuff on the charts, nothing spectacular. It’s just to get in the mood.


I want to protect my eyes from the sun! As well just to be a bit more on the inside of the paddock where not everyone can see you and they are linked a lot to the item next to it (his cap). I like to wear the cap and sunglasses if the weather allows it. Especially in the time before the sessions, it’s good to have them just to be for yourself and you don’t want to talk to everyone just before important things that are going on and it’s a good item to be in your own bubble. I wear Ray-Bans because I’ve got a sunglass sponsor back at home – not a special manufacturer, just a company that sells them.


I wear the cap for my sponsor BWT. It’s fundamental in a single-seater category, and for a normal guy like me it’s vital to have sponsors otherwise I wouldn’t be racing here. So, I am very proud to present the sponsors’ logo on my head – on my helmet when I am in the car, if not in the car then I wear the cap. On one hand it’s part of the deal, but on the other, it’s something that I really like to do because of the support they gave me.

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