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What does Santino Ferrucci bring with him to the circuit? The Trident driver gives us an exclusive peek at his trackside essentials.


I do a lot of warm-up with my physio, or dad, or whoever I feel like I want to beat up first! [laughs] It depends really. It’s really good to get the adrenaline going, and also good to warm up your shoulder muscles and forearms, which is important in the car.


The jump rope is more for focus and cardio. When your heart rate in the car is above 180bpm, the jump rope can help activate that and help it rise – not quite to 180, maybe 140-150. It’s also a thing of rhythm, and you have to have a good rhythm to build some good consistency – and you need the same in the car!


So the GoPro’s attached to a selfie stick, which is just fun to use and take pictures. When we were in Baku, which is a beautiful city, it was nice to walk around town and film a little bit. It’s like getting a piece of culture to take home with you and show to your friends and family, who don’t get to come out everywhere we do – they’re not as fortunate as us to visit places like this.


I have the laptop with me to do a lot of my work, we do everything digitally with debriefs, post-event reports, all of that sort of thing. I also watch a lot of videos at the track, mainly cat videos – you have to stay entertained [laughs]. There is some down time…


They’re for reaction times! Usually, my physio or dad or whoever…what they do is hold them in the air, and you jump and turn around and see them falling and try to catch them. It’s something I do before the race starts, because your reaction time when the light goes out is super crucial, and a lot of drivers will talk about their start time from zero to 100km/h. You win more time by how quickly you react compared to how good your start is, and it’s a good way to get mentally activated.

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