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Describe your teammate in one word.
Artem Markelov:
You first!
Tadasuke Makino: Okay…regent.
Artem: I’ll say concentrated, because he’s learning a lot very quickly, learning quickly here and on the track.
Tadasuke: I’m going to change mine, actually – Monaco-meister!
Artem: [laughs]

If your teammate was a superhero, who would they be?
I’m trying to remember all the superheroes…do you want to go first?
Tadasuke: I have no idea!
Artem: I’ll say Spiderman.
Tadasuke: Ah! Why?
Artem: Maybe Spiderman has a Japanese face, I don’t know…
Tadasuke: Really? I don’t think so! [laughs] I don’t know…I’ll say Ironman.

If you could steal one quality from your teammate, which one would it be?
Quality? Qualifying. Easy.
Tadasuke: Then I’ll say race pace! It’s simple.
Artem: We are a good match.

What does your teammate do that annoys you the most?
That annoys me?
F2: Can Artem be annoying?
Not really, no.
Artem: No, Tada’s not annoying at all. We are quite quiet with each other…

Who needs the longest warm-up before jumping in the car?
That won’t be me, actually.
F2: You don’t need one?
I’m just doing the surfing balance thing.
Tadasuke: Then it’s probably me, I think.
F2: Do you have a specific warmup routine?
Ah, that’s a secret – no-one knows!
F2: Can you tell us?
No! [laughs]

Who talks the most at the briefings?
It depends on the result, I think!
Tadasuke: Yeah, I think so! Before Monaco, Artem talked a lot, but after qualifying it was me talking a lot!
Artem: Hah, yeah…usually we just talk about car setups, and what the feeling was.
Tadasuke: Yeah, that’s true.
Artem: We say thanks to everyone if the result was good, or how shit everyone was if not [laughs]. I’m joking, I’m joking…

At which concert would you take your teammate to?
AC/DC? [laughs] Please?
Tadasuke: Just like, a band?
Artem: Yeah, I only want to see AC/DC!
Tadasuke: Let’s do their world tour in Japan.
Artem: Alright, let’s do it.

Who is the most active on social media?
Artem, maybe…
Artem: I haven’t seen much of Tada’s social media, but I’m quite boring I think. I just put “nice race, thanks to everyone”…
Tadasuke: Definitely Artem, then.

What’s the one place (country, restaurant, club,…) you’d recommend your teammate to go to on their spare time?
[long pause, laugh]
Artem: You know in New Zealand, in Queenstown there is a really nice restaurant…
(Patrick, Tadasuke’s trainer, drops in)
Tadasuke: In New Zealand?
Artem: Yeah, it does stuff like fast food, but in there is one of the best burgers. There’s always like a three kilometers queue outside, it’s a really big queue, fifty or sixty people just waiting outside.
Tadasuke: Really? I would maybe take Artem to Japan, I think I’d like to take him for some good sushi.

What’s the best advice you have for your teammate for this season?
Nothing, really, I think Artem’s driving is perfect!
Artem: What kind of advice?
Tadasuke: Maybe improve my race pace, learn from Artem…
Artem: Yeah, I think it’s more of a race thing than the qualifying. He’s quite good in qualifying, but he just needs to bring up the consistency a bit.
Tadasuke: That’s true.

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