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6:00    Sleep.
6:30    More sleep.
7:00    Much more sleep.
9:00    Wake up.
9:30    Breakfast with the team, discuss lederhosen and other important strategy items.

10:00    Leave for circuit.
10:30    Arrive via handbrake turn in parking.
11:00    ESport in the Fanzone, meeting fans and trying to convince them to let us drive the golf buggies.
11:30    Sad because I lost to Alex Albon, reconsider career choices.
12:30    Lunch after a quick chat with the engineers, fuel up for the race.

13:00    Strategy meeting with the team on full bellies.
14:00    Drivers parade on track, waving to fans and talking with the other drivers, trying not to fall over thanks to exuberant driving from truck driver.
15:00    Warmup in the truck, dancing included.
15:30    Get kitted up and walk down to pre-grid area, wait with mechanics before getting in.
16:00    Drive down to the F1 pitlane and get out for another quick chat with engineers, before final prep and getting in the car again.

16:45    Race start.
17:00    Fire extinguisher lets loose into T1, race over for Jack 🙁
17:30    Walk back and at least get some cheers from the stands, to the one person who said I suck I WILL FIND YOU.
18:00    Debrief with team after watching race from the pitwall, get changed.
19:00    Dinner while the data and cars are looked at.

20:00    Final debrief for the day, and planning for Race 2 tomorrow.
21:00    Leave circuit, short journey back to the hotel after squeezing 13 people into one shuttle bus (not recommended).
21:30    Back in my hotel room and different preparations underway… wrapping presents for the girlfriend (Birthday tomorrow!).
22:00    Realises wrapping paper bought is in fact transparent. Panics.
22:30    Sleep!

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