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Describe your teammate in one word.
Lando Norris:
Average… [smiles]
Sérgio Sette Câmara: Let’s say, um…
Lando: I’ve said mine, mine was easy [laughs]
Sérgio: Fast!

If your teammate was a superhero, who would they be?
I don’t know that many superheroes! It’s a difficult one…I think I’ll be Superman!
Lando: You’ve called yourself Superman?
Sérgio: You could be Batman, I dunno…don’t ask me why.
Lando: You think I’d be Batman?
Sérgio: Yeah, because he doesn’t have any superpowers! [laughs] He has some things to throw and stuff…
Lando: I think Sérgio can be Deadpool.
Sérgio: It’s a good one, I like it! I’m happy with that.

If you could steal one quality from your teammate, which one would it be?
The other day, he started farting in the truck – it was unbelievable, it almost took me out and I was almost late for the race! So that’s a quality I’d like to have…actually, is there a skunk superhero? He would be that, Skunkman! I’m joking of course…I’ve had worse teammates with this.
Lando: One thing from Sérgio…
Sérgio: His jokes! They’re pretty good, no?
Lando: Mmm…I can’t think of anything I’d want from him.
Sérgio: Oooooh…that’s good, that’s good. I’m feeling attacked…
F2: Is there anything off-track that you could learn from Sérgio? Is he secretly a good chef or something?
No, he’s not a chef…
Sérgio: Well in the UK, all they eat is microwaved food, so even if I do anything with a pan it’s already better.

Who needs the longest warm-up before jumping in the car?
Sérgio: Lando!
Lando: [incredulously] What?!
Sérgio: I do zero warmup!
Lando: I also do zero warmup, I get forced into it…
Sérgio: Yes, but you have a table, you do your stretches, I don’t do that…
Lando: But if I could scrap all that, and just go from bed to car I’d do it.
Sérgio: But I do less.
Lando: I get forced to do it, but if I could have my own way it’d be Sérgio. He has all these wrist warmups now, he puts this heatpad on…
Sérgio: I have all the fancy stuff! It’s just temporary, I’ll go back to my normal procedures soon…
Lando: …of nothing?
Sérgio: To be honest, if it’s cold, I like to warm up. Like at Paul Ricard, what’s the point to warm up – you just sweat. If it’s like here in Austria, I’ll warm up.

Who talks the most at the briefings?
F2: What do you usually discuss?
Sérgio: Car related things.
Lando: He covers everything.
Sérgio: I’m a man of details. I like that, and in the briefings I like to discuss a lot.
Lando: I can’t even talk…every time I’m about to say something, Sérgio’s in like “blablabla”…

At which concert would you take your teammate to?
I’d probably take him to High School Musical or something…
Sérgio: How do you know about that? You were watching it?
Lando: I watched it, everyone watched it.
Sérgio: I don’t know. I have no idea, I don’t think I’ve ever been to a concert in my life…
Lando: …or I’d take him to a Beethoven recital or something.
Sérgio: I don’t know. I think I’ll skip that one, I don’t like concert, you’re just sitting there unless you go and see a DJ…is that considered a concert?
F2: Sure, why not?
Then we’ll do that.
Lando: Ugh. Man, I’m taking you to Beethoven. Come on…

What does your teammate do that annoys you the most?
More than the farts? Hmm…
Lando: Beat him? That’s one for Sérgio to say…
Sérgio: [pauses]…ah yes, the drivers’ room. It’s so freaking disorganized, it’s like a typical teenager’s bedroom in a typical American movie, his room is a mess. His clothes go everywhere, mine’s like, fully organised so it’s definitely this. Not extremely messy, just a little bit.
Lando: I start the weekend off well. But it goes downhill very quickly.
F2: What does Sérgio do to annoy you, Lando?
Turns up.
Sérgio: [laughs] The other day, he picked up one of his Nomex pieces before driving, and there was mould on it. Like cheese.
Lando: [laughs] I didn’t wear that one.
Sérgio: He says that, he just turned it round the other way and wore it in reverse.

Who is the most active on social media?
Sérgio: Lando.
Lando: Well, you do a fair bit.
I’d still say Lando, because I just use Instagram. I don’t really use Twitter, which other people use a lot.

What’s the one place (country, restaurant, club,…) you’d recommend your teammate to go to on their spare time?
Can it be a team?
Sérgio: A team would be a funnier question…
Lando: I’d probably put him at…HRT? Spyker?
Sérgio: I’ll put him in a McLaren, but in a winning one…
Lando: Ah, that’s nice, man.
Sérgio: But if it has to be a place to go, I’ll say Brazil – it’s the best country in the world!
Lando: Hah, I’ve been to Brazil. I went there for a bath…
Sérgio: Brazil is a big country…you can get non-microwaved food! I’ll recommend Brazil, definitely.
Lando: I went to Brazil for a Pirelli test and it got cancelled. For Sérgio…
Sérgio: It has to be on Earth, it cannot be underneath…
Lando: Hell? I’ll say Jamaica. He can have his own little island, with one tree on it…
Sérgio: With a boat, helicopter…
Lando: …coconut.

What’s the best advice you have for your teammate for this season?
Don’t give up.
Sérgio: I’ll say keep cool. That’s my personal thing.

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