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Describe your teammate in one word.
Roy Nissany:
A good start!
Luca Ghiotto: [pauses]…funny.
Roy: Funny? That’s good!
Luca: [laughs] I don’t know what to say, really!
Roy: If I had to describe him in one word…Italian! [laughs]
Luca: Yeah, that’s good…
Roy: It’s a fair description, no?

If your teammate was a superhero, who would they be?
Luca: Well, well, well…it’s not so easy!
Roy: Actually, I have a better one for you.
Luca: I have no idea.
Roy: You would be Superman. You’re Clark Kent in the paddock and then in the race, you go hard.
Luca: If that’s the case, you’re Batman.
Roy: Good! Why?
Luca: Because you’re always around in a nice shirt, and nice watch. You know in the films, when he’s not doing Batman stuff he’s always having nice parties with rich people and everything.
Roy: I accept this!

If you could steal one quality from your teammate, which one would it be?
This is really framing, isn’t it? One quality…turn-in speed, maybe?
Luca: Turn-in speed?! [laughs] Erm…I think you really need to send us the questions before, maybe two or three days before.
Roy: Two or three weeks!
Luca: Hmm…[pauses]
Roy: I have too many, no?
Luca: I’m thinking about the driving!
Roy: Oh, then none. [laughs]
Luca: I think that a good one is that he’s always positive.

Who needs the longest warm-up before jumping in the car?
I think I would win the longest warm-up in the championship!
Roy: For sure.
Luca: I start to warm up, other drivers start their warm-up, and they finish and I’m still going! I take around 20 minutes…
F2: Is that something your trainer asks you to do?
Yeah, I think maybe it’s a little too much…
Roy: I do my warm-up by myself, it’s very precise, short and efficient.

At which concert would you take your teammate to?
Who would I take you to see? Coldplay. This is something I really want to see.
Luca: Why? I’ve never listened to Coldplay!
Roy: No?
Luca: No, I only listen to house music, so…I’m sure Coldplay’s not the sort of thing I’d enjoy.
Roy: Peppino Gagliardi?
Luca: Who?
Roy: That Italian singer I told you about, who you don’t know…
Luca: I don’t know who he is! Okay, so I’ll take you to that concert, even though I don’t even know his name!
F2: But you’d prefer to take him to where there’s some house music?
Yeah, doesn’t even matter what’s playing – as long as there’s a DJ and a party.

What does your teammate do that annoys you the most?
[laughs, turns to Luca] I will tell you, but I will not tell them. You will laugh!
Luca: Tell it!
Roy: I’ll tell you, and you tell me if I can tell them…
[Roy whispers to Luca]
Roy: Better not, no? [laughs]
Luca: Go on! It’s happened what, twice?
Roy: I can tell you also later…
Luca: You can tell it if you want, it might make people laugh!
Roy: Yeah? Okay, he farts too much in the engineers’ room!
Luca: Erm…
F2: Do they smell?
No! Come on, everyone farts in the engineers’ room…I’m not the only one. You’re probably the only one who doesn’t do it!
Roy: Well if I started doing it, the truck wouldn’t hold it…
Luca: Er…well…
Roy: [interrupts] This must be one of your best interviews, no?
Luca: The one that comes to mind is, when you’re warming up in the truck and you’re kicking the balls at the door, and I try to come in I can’t!

Who is the most active on social media?
Have you asked us this before? It’s a similar question… [we’ve been rumbled – ed]
Luca: I think we’re about equal.
Roy: Yeah, it’s equal. Differently styled, but equal. He’s more a race driver style, I’m just trying to be cool but it doesn’t really work!
Luca: I have a lot of pictures of my car and me in my racing driver suit, but not so many pictures of my life outside.

What’s the one place (country, restaurant, club,…) you’d recommend your teammate to go to on their spare time?
Roy: Israel!
Luca: If we go to Italy, Roy can try everything that there is to eat…
Roy: If he wasn’t Italian, I would have recommended Italy as well!
Luca: There’s so many nice places as well – you can go to the sea, there’s some nice cities, I think that Italy’s quite a good place to go to overall, for everything. Even for nice girls.
Roy: Agreed! In Israel, it’s a very special place. It’s very much a combination of the Middle East, Arabic-style countries, and Europe.

What’s the best advice you have for your teammate this season?
To keep on pushing, and the results will arrive soon!
Roy: Okay, I was thinking more of the girls aspect! But seriously, I think I’d like to offer the same advice from another point of view, from more of a…I don’t know how to phrase it, but not from an experience way but more of a mental way – it will come. We have a very good team, a very good car, but we just haven’t been able to express it.

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