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This week, Sérgio Sette Câmara shows us the things he takes to every race weekend – including our first ever live item!


It’s of the Nossa Senhora, the Mother of God, from one of the showings in Lourdes. I don’t really believe so much, but it’s because my mother bought it from Lourdes. I don’t always wear it, especially not in the car where the seatbelt presses over it, but I always have it with me in my bag. Sometimes, I bring the one from Lourdes, other times I bring the Aparecida which is from my grandmother. Because they believe in it, and pray through it, I have it with me.


It’s for the sponsors! To be honest, I don’t bring much – I bring all my race gear, my clothes, and my cap. I always wear it at any time possible, when I’m in a position where someone can take a picture I’ll bring it – and if I’m on the podium I’ll ask someone to bring it. I can’t wear it on the podium, but if I’m in the little square (interview pen) then I have it ready. Youse is an online insurance company from a bigger bank.


I always come with Albert to the races! He’s been taking care of me since I came to Europe when I was fifteen years old. I couldn’t live alone, so he was my tutor and my guardian – he doesn’t do that anymore now I’m over eighteen, but he now takes care of my racing-related stuff.

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