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Describe your teammate in one word.
Nirei: …serious.
Maximilian: Generally, he’s a very nice guy, always joking, and it brings a good atmosphere to the team!

If your teammate was a superhero, who would they be?
Superhero? That’s quite hard…
Maximilian: I only really know Superman! Is there any Japanese superhero…or a fighter?
Nirei: I don’t know much from Germany…
Maximilian: Is there anyone who does something like kung-fu?
Nirei: That’s more like Chinese…
Maximilian: Ah! So in Japan…
Nirei: …it’s karate! I know the famous guys from China are like, Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee! [laughs]
Maximilian: Who would I be?
Nirei: Michael Schumacher!
Maximilian: [laughs] That’s a good one!


If you could steal one quality from your teammate, which one would it be?
That’s quite a hard question! He doesn’t have any [laughs]
Maximilian: Well obviously he’s always quick, so that’s quite a good skill to have!
Nirei: He’s very good in qualifying, and on a hot lap, so that’s what I want to have.
Who needs the longest warm-up before jumping in the car?
I think we’re pretty similar!
Maximilian: Yeah, I think we’re matching each other, especially when we start…
Nirei: I think maybe I start earlier than him, but I go a little bit longer.
Maximilian: In both of our case, we’re warming up physically to be ready. It’s good to warm up those important muscles to be ready mentally as well as physically!
Nirei: Danke schön! He always says what I want to say [laughs]
Maximilian: Arigato!

Who talks the most in the driver briefings?
It’s 100% Günther!
Maximilian: Yeah, it’s me…


At which concert would you take your teammate to?
A concert? Hmm…
Maximilian: I think I would take him to Helene Fischer! She’s a German singer, and I think you should listen to something German.
Nirei: Does she sing in German?
Maximilian: Sometimes she’s singing in English as well.
Nirei: I’ve never listened to German music, so it would be quite interesting to go to that concert. Hmm…I don’t know what kind of music Maxi’s listening to!
Maximilian: To be honest, Ed Sheeran would be fine if you want!
Nirei: Ah, I don’t know from Japanese band! I’d take him to something else…what’s the one where they go like *ahhhhhh*?
Maximilian: Opera?
Nirei: Yes! Opera!
Maximilian: That’s horrible!
Nirei: I don’t think he’d listen to rock a lot, so we can go to that…
Maximilian: Well, it’d be funny, we’d laugh a lot!

What does your teammate do that annoys you the most?
I don’t really have any, but he probably has lots of complaints about me!
Maximilian: Well, sometimes you’re late to the meetings and we have to wait for you!
Nirei: But you were late in Paul Ricard, no?
Maximilian: …maybe a little bit.
Nirei: I can’t think of anything that annoys me.
Maximilian: Neither can I, I think we have a good relationship.

Who is the most active on social media?
I think it’s similar.
Nirei: Yeah, it’s definitely similar. I think he posts more on Instagram though.
Maximilian: I think we’re using some channels more than others, but all in all, it’s about the same.

What’s the one place (country, restaurant, club,…) you’d recommend your teammate to go to on their spare time?
You need to go to Oktoberfest! You know about this?
Nirei: Oktoberfest?
Maximilian: In Munich, there’s a typical German festival which is always at the end of September. You wear the lederhosen, like they wore in Austria, and you
can have some good fun there – drinking beer, that kind of thing!
Nirei: I’ve never heard about this one before! Is it just one time a year?
Maximilian: Yeah, it’s once a year, and it’s pretty near where I live but people from all around the world go there!
Nirei: I don’t know what to recommend from Japan…
Maximilian: It could be anything, it doesn’t only need to be something from Japan!
Nirei: Yes, but I only know Japan things! I think that sounds good…do you like to drink beer?
Maximilian: Not too much.
Nirei: Okay, so I think I’ll take you to something called Awa Odori, which is a very popular thing in my city. A lot of people go to see it, and I think I’ll take him there, we can have a drink!
Maximilian: Or we could go to Suzuka and do some laps around the track?
Nirei: Even that sounds like a good idea! Have you gone before?
Maximilian: Once! It was a good experience.

What’s the best advice you have for your teammate this season?
Stay behind me! I’m only joking [laughs]
Nirei: Hah, stay behind me…how about, don’t be first! But honestly, I think we just need to be strong.
Maximilian: It’s important to keep pushing each other to make the package as strong as we possibly can.
Nirei: For me, although we laugh in the team, it’s been a tough season and we just need to push. We need to work hard and we’ll be strong.
Maximilian: It’s important for us to bring the level higher, keep improving. And only then can we talk about beating each other.

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