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Artem Markelov shows off his race weekend essentials.


It’s what I need to enter the paddock, so if I have to go between Renault and the F2 paddock I’ve got it. I think I’ve forgotten it once, and I had to go back to the hotel for it or speak to the people at the entry to get in. Once, I think I borrowed a guest’s pass from the team…


I bought these yesterday! They were very cheap, I went hiking so I needed to buy a pair, because they’re cheap and didn’t want to bring a luxury pair hiking. They’re okay, I guess…


This was a present from my father on my birthday. Actually, all of my watches are presents from my father, he really likes them and when I was younger I was always borrowing them! He was always scared that I would lose it, and he decided to get me one as a present. This is the heaviest one, I think – I’ve had it for two or three years.


I broke it in Bahrain! I was getting out of the car and it fell out of my pocket! I’m waiting for the new iPhone so that’s why I’ve not bothered to repair it. I don’t spend much time on it, I don’t like social media much, all of the children and old guys are using it all the time and spending a lot of time there, that’s why I’m not using it so much! I only have it because I need it.


This is a cross, which is religious, and there is a stone which is like my birthstone – I don’t know what it is in English, and I probably couldn’t spell it in Russian! My mum gave it as a present to me. This one is a saint who’s always protecting me on the road and the flight, and this the Virgin Mary. I don’t really pray but I always believe. I don’t think you need to so much if you believe. I wear them in the car as well! When we had the old HANS device it pushed down on it, but it’s okay now.

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