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Dorian Boccolacci unveils the secrets behind his unique racing helmet design.


It’s a kind of yellow-gold, and it’s this colour because when I was in karting, you have a lot of guys who are driving and I wanted to be a bit different to everyone else. I wanted one colour that you can see from really far. It’s also the colour of the medals when you win in the Olympics, so that’s really nice!


I have the star on the top from the beginning, ever since my first helmet in karting in 2006. I put it there because I was in a karting team where the boss was the father of [former F2 driver] Norman Nato. Norman had the star on his helmet, so I decided to have the same – although his was a bit different. I liked the style, so I thought I’d have it.

The new addition is the King Kong. When I was younger people called me Tarzan because I had long hair, but now I don’t it’s the most similar! If I have to choose an animal to be, it’d be King Kong – because he’s the king!

DMJ initials

This is for my dad, my mother and my sister. My dad’s called Daniel, but I suppose it also works for me!

DB9 and Bocco

These are my initials with the number nine, which is my favourite number. I also have it in Formula 2, so that’s worked out perfectly! I used it in karting, in Formula Renault also, so it’s a number that’s come up a lot of times in my career. Oh, and I was born on the 9th September as well!

“Bocco” is my nickname, it’s what a lot of people call me where I live. Maybe they’re unsure of how to pronounce my name, because it’s not usual in French.

Forever Jules

I knew Jules Bianchi quite well. When I started karting, he was the fastest guy when I was young. So, I think it’s nice to have it there.

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