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Going into the round at Sochi, British duo George Russell and Lando Norris were the pair to beat. How well does each driver know about their rival? Who’s been doing their homework?

How old is your rival?
I think Lando’s 18. Nice and easy. One point.
Lando: Hmm…19? Unlike Bahrain, it’s not a great start for Norris. No points.

How many categories has your rival won?
Formula Renault, F3 and F4. There’s a Toyota Racing Series title too, but he gets this point.
Lando: Not including karting? One. No, ah, two! Good save! Russell won BRDC F4 in 2014 and GP3 last year. 2-1.

When did your rival win their first F2 race?
Bahrain. Clinical. Russell takes another point.
Lando: What was after Bahrain? Baku. I don’t remember which race. That’ll do, Lando. 3-2.

How tall is your rival?
Ooh, tough one! I’ll say…172cm. So close! It’s 170…we’ll give him half a point for that.
Lando: He must be about…1m83? Just under, he’s 185cm tall! Let’s call that 3.5-2.5.

How many of them do you need to match the height of the Statue of Liberty?
It’s not going to be a massive difference between us! 35? It’s 93m tall, so that works out as 54.7 Lando Norrises. No points.
Lando: Alright, I can do this…I’ll guess the Statue’s about 90m…49.18? Close! It’s 50.27 George Russells, but we’ll give him half a point. 3.5-3 so far.

How many races has your rival won this year?
One. Boom, that’s a point.
Lando: Can I look on the F2 website? No? Five…Given we did this before the Sochi races, turns out he didn’t need to look. 4.5-4.

How many times have they been on the podium?
I looked at the standings recently! Let’s go through them: Bahrain was one, Baku was zero, Barcelona he got two, Monaco was once, Ricard was zero, Red Bull Ring was one, Silverstone was zero, Spa was once, Budapest was once. Seven? So close! Lando bagged a third in Silverstone, but for sheer effort alone, let’s add another half-point.
Lando: Eight? It was nine when we did this, so we’ll pencil in a half-point. 5-4.5.

How many poles does your rival have this season?
One. Three less than me. [laughs] Like his win, that was also in Bahrain. Another point for George.
Lando: Oh god. Four? Bingo.

Where will your rival be in five years’ time?
In Formula 1, still with McLaren! Simple.
Lando: Formula 1. I don’t know where…with a Mercedes team of some sort?


LANDO: 5.5

Just a whisker in it, but Russell takes the points. This being said, we think we’re due another round before Abu Dhabi – as Alex Albon enters stage left, George has a new contender to take on. Stay tuned…

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