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How big is your family?
It’s just my mum, dad, brother and my dog! Dogs count! It’s a cocker spaniel called Luv, which in Indian mythology is the brother of Kush – one of the sons of the gods – which is the name of my brother! He got my dog when he was young.

If you were an animal which one would it be?
A dog, obviously one living in a nice house. I wouldn’t want to be a stray dog in India! If they have a really good family, dogs live amazing lives…

What’s your favourite pastime?
When I’m back home in India, I like to play football, and also back in 2014 when I was staying with George [Russell] we’d play a lot then. Now, living alone, I play a lot of Fortnite! I’m horrible at it though, so I need some squad partners…

Who would play you in a biopic about your life?
It’d probably have to be an Indian actor, no? I used to like an Indian actor called Hrithik Roshan – I haven’t watched any Indian movies in a while, but I’d say him.

What was your best subject at school?
[laughs] I don’t know! Probably art or something…to be honest I wasn’t too bad at school, I was quite good at maths, but when I started to skip school for racing I was just lost! I’d given up by then…

Tell us one thing nobody knows about you…
I’m really bad at reversing road cars. If you’re living in the Milton Keynes area and see a silver Ford Ka, don’t park behind it! My brother makes fun of my parking…

What’s your strangest talent or dinner-party trick?
I used to be able to do some car noises when I was a kid. Actually, my brother calls me “the joke killer”, because I keep repeating jokes to the point where they’re not funny anymore…I like the car one better, though.

Favourite person to follow on social media?
Let me just ask the people who run my Twitter…let’s say it’s the F2 account!

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever heard over the team radio?
It’s probably when they come on before a qualifying lap, and they say “okay, remember what you have to do…”! To be honest, the engineer I have this year has been quite good, he keeps me calm when I’m in the car so that’s always good!

Favourite moment of a race?
I think the start’s the most exciting bit, but my favourite bit is when you have a good battle with somebody.

What does your engineer keep telling you to do?
“Keep the brakes warm, Arjun, keep the tyres warm!” He keeps reminding me to adjust the brake bias, apparently that’s not something I’m very good at doing!

What’s your usual reaction to “let’s take a group selfie?”
Ah, sh…I’m out of there before the phone comes out! I don’t like selfies at all – I mean, look how many people are around you, just ask them to take it if you want one!

Have you ever been on your own Wikipedia page?
I probably have, but not in detail.

What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?
It’s probably got to be a ghost dream! During the winter my brother and I love watching horror movies, and it’s great when you’re watching it but eventually the nightmares kick in! The scariest dreams are when you wake up, and you don’t realise you’re in another dream!

Where do you keep your trophies?
There’s a room back at home in India, but I keep a few in my apartment.

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