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Going into the final round of the 2018 season at the Yas Marina Circuit, George Russell and Alexander Albon were the sole drivers left who could claim the Title. We know they are very good friends, but how well do they know each other? Who’s been doing their homework (Hint: he is infamously known for giving stellar Powerpoint presentations…)?

How old is your rival?
: 22.
Alex: I don’t know!
George: Why not? Straight away I knew for you!
Alex: It’s for points? For the championship? Is he 20?
Easy start: 1 point each.

How many categories did he race in?
: In single seaters? Formula Renault, Formula 3, GP3, Formula 2. So 4!
Alex: I’m trying to think if he did any bonus ones! George has cruised here a bit more! Let’s see: BRDC Formula 4, Formula Renault then you joined me in Formula 3, GP3, and Formula 2. Five.
Another tie, a point each.

When did he win his first F2 race?
: I know that one because it should have been me! It was Baku, Race 1. I had a coming together with Nyck with a few laps to go, and it still stings because I’ve had a few problems with the car or whatever, but in my mind that’s one of the ones when I could have potentially won or come second, and that would have been the championship already done…
Alex: Sochi … no, Baku!
George: We’ll take the first answer!
Alex: Baku Race 2, because in Race 1…
Once again, a point each. Close fight.

How tall is your rival?
: We have a massive thing about this, as we’re quite good friends and we always argue about who is taller or not! Alex is slightly tall than me, at 186cm. We had the same trainer last year and he is much smaller than us, so it was a joke for the whole year!
Alex: 185cm. But this is the problem: he claims he’s shorter than me, but I just say I’ve got better posture than George! And a bigger head! I’m 186.5 and he’s 186, and if he’s saying anything different he’s lying!
George: Well that’s all you need to know, isn’t it? [laughs] And my forehead is much shorter!
Alex: He’s saying that right, but it’s because his forehead is so small! People don’t realise that George’s forehead is small! Everyone says “he’s got a big head” [to me], but no one says “he’s got a small forehead”!
George: He was a great footballer at his school, because he could head all the goals home! But no, I’ve got a massive head! I’ve got the maximum size in helmets!
We need to move on, and it’s going to take forever to transcribe this! 1 point each.

How many of him would it take to match the height of the Statue of Liberty?
: I got this completely wrong last time! Probably 50 Alex’s? We should be the same, or maybe 1 less Alex…
Alex: I have no perspective of how big it is: have you been there?
George: No. And even if I saw it, or looked at that building over there (the Viceroy Hotel) I still wouldn’t know…
Alex: 100 Georges!
George: That’s 400m tall: that’s taller than the Eiffel Tower!
We were going to give George a point for this until he sent us a WhatsApp that evening crowing “I got that exactly right!”: 186cm x 50 does equal 93m, the height of the Statue of Liberty, but as Alex stated that he is actually 186.5cm that would equal 93.25m, so half a point to George. And for being out by an entire Statue of Liberty, no points for Alex.

How many races did he win this year?
: 4.
Alex: 4. Thank you for posting it yesterday!
Curses, our communication strategy is too effective. But Alex didn’t read it too well, as it clearly stated that George had 6 wins. A point for George only.

How many times has he been on the podium?
: I’m too lazy to count the races, so I’ll say 8. No, actually 10!
George: I think it’s probably 8.
And how many poles?
: 4.
Alex: 4.
Both right on the podiums, but shockingly George is wrong on Alex’s poles: 2 points to Alex, 1 to George.

Where will he be in 5 years’ time?
: In Formula 1 I reckon: not sure which team, and hopefully not fighting me for the championship!
Alex: Brushing the streets of Abu Dhabi! Or getting a proper haircut!
George: Mind games already!


George: 6.5
Alex: 6

We’ll have to wait and see on these predictions, but George Russell scrapes the win over Alexander Albon by half a point, which is apparently equivalent to the difference between their foreheads, or alternately an entire Statue of Liberty, or something. To be honest, we’re a little confused now…

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