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The movers and shakers of the motorsport world descended on the Luna Lounge at the Yas Marina Circuit on Sunday night for our now legendary end of season party, where drivers and teams all along the paddock could let their hair down and celebrate (or commiserate!) the season that had just finished earlier in the afternoon.

The ceremony kicked off under the control of master of ceremonies (and voice of F2) Alex Jacques, who had everyone laughing right from the outset, reminding everyone of the highlights of the season (and some of the moments they’d rather forget!) along with a tremendous highlights to watch. ART started cheering their race wins, which prompted the others to replicate for theirs, which … well, you know how competitive race teams are!

After the video came the third place trophies, for Alexander Albon and his team DAMS, followed by the Dallara Award for Best Team Spirit, picked up by Angelina Ertsou from PERTAMINA PREMA Theodore Racing, followed by a short video explaining the Best Podium Celebration: Rémi Decorzent stumbling on the podium in Sochi while holding the trophy, and a photo of the embarrassed engineer holding the broken trophy in the green room afterwards. At least this can be a replacement in the trophy cabinet, Rémi!

Then it was time for the twos: ART Grand Prix picked up the trophy for second in the teams’ title, and Lando Norris received the equivalent one for the drivers’ fight. The Dallara Award for Best Overtake is always highly sought, and is voted on by the scientific method of listening to see who cheers the most. The fight came down to Norris’ in Le Castellet and Artem Markelov’s in Austria, but the judges couldn’t split the pair, handing both drivers a trophy! Asked about his legendary on track moves including one passing four cars in one row, Markelov simply replied with one single word and a mischievous smile: “easy”.

The Pirelli Trophy for the driver who best managed his tyres throughout the season was next up, but there was little doubt who Mario Isola was going to present it to: with 7 wins and the title it couldn’t be anyone other than George Russell. And then the champions received their spoils: Carlin invaded the stage en masse as team boss Trevor had a few words about claiming the top spot in their debut season, and when the stage was eventually clear it was time for drivers’ champion Russell to return to the stage to collect his trophy and say a few words of thanks to his (increasingly vocal!) ART team for all of their efforts.

And with that the ceremony came to a close, and everyone could relax, have a drink and a bite to eat, before drifting off to celebrate with each other early into the morning.

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