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How big is your family?
We’re five in total: my mom, my dad and three siblings. I have two younger brothers.

French fries or chocolate cake?
Both! They’re my favourite food.

If you were an animal, what would it be?
A lion maybe. He’s fearless.

What’s your favourite pastime?
Training. I really love it.

What’s the last book you read?
I really don’t know. It was so long ago… [Laughs]

If you could be any film character, who would it be?
It’s not a movie. It’s a TV series: Harvey Specter from Suits!

Can you tell us one thing nobody knows about you?
I expected more from this year. Not many people know how disappointed I am with my performance this season. We’re trying hard to get the results I think we deserve but it’s still not coming together. Not many people see the struggle we’re in this year: it’s not easy. I expected to do better for my second season at this level. It’s really tough for me. But I will always do my best and not give up.

Favourite person to follow on social media?
9gag on Instagram. It’s a funny account. Otherwise I follow a lot of athletes. I like to see different lifestyles.

What’s the best thing about racing?
Racing is not easy so when you put in the hard work and you end up on the podium it is one of the best feelings in the world. My favourite moment in a race is the pitstop: it’s very unique.

Your biggest rival this season?
Myself. I always want to be better. Sometimes I overlook the fact that I have improved from last year, but the result is not here yet. I need to put it on paper.

Your favourite person in your team?
Trident is like a family. You have to love them all!

Do you prefer to have a teammate who is faster or slower than you?
Faster. Otherwise, you don’t learn much. When your teammate is faster, it pushes you to work even harder to close the gap.

Define yourself as a driver in three words.
Hard worker, dedicated and passionate.

What is your non-racing dream?
To fly a plane! I’m learning at the moment to fly a small plane, but the goal is a private jet really [laughs]!

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