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Describe your teammate in one word.
Animal! Because he’s an animal, a wild animal!
Norman: Chicken. Because every day he eats so much chicken, one day he must become one!

What are each other’s greatest strengths and weaknesses?
Strengths I already know: he is really difficult to beat in the simulator. And weakness, he watches Batman too much! Every day he is watching it!
Sean: I just love Batman! I like the comics, but I have this affection for Batman, just all of it! I follow the comics really closely, so I like the animated stuff more, but I’ll watch any Batman! And for Norman his weakness is that when he sleeps he doesn’t snore exactly, but he breathes really heavy…
Norman: I’m a wind tunnel!
Sean: If it’s early morning and he’s doing it, it really P-es you off! Sometimes, like in Monaco, the rooms are really limited so we have to share the room, and … wow! And his strengths, he has a lot: he’s really good at putting one lap together in qualifying, and in real life he’s just a funny guy. Sometimes too funny! And he’s okay at Jenga – he has one point over me, but he’s not beaten me yet! But his weakness is boxing…
Norman: Yeah, it’s true: I was just trying to get through it in training!

Who is the most superstitious?
I think it’s the same. Oh, but in Austria we had to eat this breadstick they had in the room, because again we shared the room, and he was like “if you don’t eat this breadstick…”
Norman: “…you’re going to have a bad qualy.”
Sean: And then I didn’t eat it, and I had a terrible one! So the next day I did eat the breadstick and I was in the points, and his car broke down.
Norman: So I would say both!
What do you have?
Oh, this I can’t say! He knows, but I can’t say because he will laugh.
Sean: It’s underwear, no?
Norman: Well, I can give you some examples. Underwear, yeah, and toilets.
Sean: Yeah, you have to pee before the race.
Norman: Yes, but I have a special toilet that I don’t change over the weekend if it’s going well. And if there is someone there, I wait: even if it’s 10 minutes, I wait!
Even if you miss the start?
Of course!

Who has the best fashion sense?
We have different styles, so…
Sean: This guy’s very European, so…
Norman: So I will say myself!
Sean: Yeah, he’s very racaille!
Norman: He always calls me that! And for him, well, I like it but it’s not for me: I’m not tall enough!

Who has the best taste in music?
Him. For me I don’t know a lot about music: I love it, but I’m not into it like him, I just listen to the radio. He knows so much about it!
You are a bit obsessed with music.
Yeah, it’s like Batman for me, music! Actually we’re developing an app, like a Spotify, which should hopefully be out next year.

Who has the most followers on social media?
Pfft, too easy, of course it’s him!
Sean: It’s just an Indonesian thing, I think: even with Rio it was like that! And they interact as well!

Who would win a triathlon challenge between you?
He’s better at running! The thing is, I don’t do a lot of that type of sport, and also you as well, right?
Norman: The question is who would win it, but to win first you have to finish! I don’t think we’re able to finish it! It’s a lot!
Sean: I think I’d beat you in the swimming.
Norman: Swimming I’m really bad, running is for me, and cycling … pfft, I don’t know. I just run, to be honest: I have a back problem, so cycling is not the best.
Sean: I just play a lot of ball sports.
Norman: For sure if the question was who spends the most time on the beach, it’s me!
Okay, who lives on the beach?
So the winner of the triathlon challenge is Jenson Button?
Sean and Norman:

Who would be a dream date for your teammate?
To me, Batman! I asked him 2 days ago if he had to choose between Batman and a new girlfriend, and it was a difficult question for him!
Sean: If there’s one guy I would have coffee with it would be Batman! If there were 3 inspirational people I could have coffee with it would be Batman, Michael Jordan and Muhammed Ali, for sure. And if it was for a date it would be Olivia Culpo, she’s really cool.

If you were going to invite each other around for dinner, what would you cook?
Rigatoni Bolognese, because this is what I always order when I’m at the apartment in London!
Sean: It’s really good, but I don’t cook it, I order it!
Norman: And for him, chicken! If you want to be sure to make him happy, it’s chicken! I can cook: I’m not like a chef or something, but I can do some things. I like to do simple things, like vegetables, salads, and this sort of thing.
Sean: I can cook, but more like breakfast. I do eggs.

What do you think each other will be doing in 20 years’ time?
Retired! What will you be, 70?
Norman: I will be 45!
Sean: I can see him running a rally team, team owner/manager or something.
Norman: Yeah, I would like to do that.
Sean: Before bankruptcy!
Norman: And for you I hope you are still driving, but otherwise maybe something in music. How old will you be in 20 years?
I’ll probably be dead.
No, I was going to say we stay in touch, you email us in 20 years and see how close we are.
I’ll put it in my calendar.

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