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Describe your teammate in one word.
Nabil: For him for sure one word is not enough! Maybe fifty!
Santino: Ironman, because you don’t stop training!
Nabil: I stop training!
Santino: No, you really don’t!

What are each other’s greatest strengths and weaknesses?
Santino: You sweat a lot!
Nabil: I don’t really see you sweat, that’s true! For him, he’s a nice person!
Is that a strength or a weakness?
Nabil: Well as a teammate that’s nice! I’ve had worse!
Santino: Okay, weakness is you sweat a lot. Strength, you’ve VERY easy to deal with.
Nabil: What do you mean?
Santino: You’re not like other teammates I’ve had that have been a bit … impossible.
Nabil: It’s the same for me!
Santino: He’s very relaxed, very chilled.
Nabil: I think he’s a nice person, and a nice teammate as well. Weakness … I don’t really know …
Santino: I’m very controlling!
Nabil: He likes his food a lot – I’m scared to ask for one bar!
Santino: I am very selfish with food. Especially sports bars – I horde them.

Who is the most superstitious?
Santino: That’d be me, actually. I do weird things! Like, I never disconnect my HANS device from my helmet, ever, ever – I feel like it’s bad luck. If the Arai guy does it that’s fine, but if you ever see me with it I’m only reconnecting it. And I never take off my necklaces. If I’m having a good weekend I’ll just flip my underwear inside out.
Nabil: No wonder it smells!
Santino: No, I’m just kidding! But it’s something I did as a kid though – I was on pole, win, and I realised my underwear was on backwards so I didn’t change it the next day and I won! I couldn’t believe it! And I always, always get in the car from the left side, and I put on my left glove first: I’m right handed, but I’m ambidextrous with anything, like catching or throwing a ball, but I just can’t write with my left. This is a big list?

It’s bigger than an Italian driver!
Santino: I do things subconsciously too, and don’t realise. I only wear one pair of boots for the race season: I won’t change them, and they need a shower! On one of my suits, I have a 1 and 2, and the 1 suit I use for free practice and qualifying and the 2 suit is for the races, unless I have a really good qualifying and then I race in the 1 suit. And if I have a really bad session I’ll switch the suits.
Anything more?
Santino: No, that’s about it [laughs].
Nabil: Nothing for me: I just go with the flow [laughs].


Who has the best fashion sense?
Nabil: I’m always in shorts and t-shirt – you can’t really do much with that.
Santino: I think I win on fashion sense. I like to dress up in very interesting things! I have many different coloured jeans – purple, black, red, grey, brown.
Nabil: Red is okay, but purple…
Santino: I’ll wear the purple ones tomorrow – I have them with me! I love them. I like to wear dress shirts, a lot – I hate polos! I was out at a club once, and I saw 5 guys from the States – it’s easy to tell, because they were all in shorts with polos on. I dress like a complete Italian, especially when I go out, and I went up to them and said “where in America are you from?” and they were “wait, how do you know we’re American?” and I said “just look at you!” They didn’t believe I was from America – I had to show them my passport!
Nabil: I don’t mind letting you win this time!

Who has the best taste in music?
Nabil: I think him as well – he’s always with the speakers out!
Santino: I listen to everything except country.
Nabil: Bringing him in the car at Spa, he wanted to bring the speakers with us!
What do you listen to?
Santino: When I’m at the track I listen to Eminem, when I’m at home and driving around it’s AC/DC or Queen. I love it! For training it’s rap, dubstep, beats, hardcore.
Nabil: For me, I don’t care – it’s always him plugging into the speaker!
Santino: At Formula Medicine they just give me the cord. I don’t tell anyone this, but that’s the reason I go there – they give me the cord.

Who has the most followers on social media?
Nabil: How many do you have?
Santino: About 12,000.
Nabil: He has more then. Last time I checked I had about 8,000.
Santino: I think most of my tweets are retweets of Donald Trump. I’m American.
You’re a big fan.
Santino: I’m American, you have to be.
And if you’re not behind your president, what are you?
Santino: You’re not a country. Except they’re taking down all the monuments, so maybe we’re not a country anymore [laughs]

Who would win a triathlon challenge between you?
Santino: Him.
Nabil: That’s true.
Santino: He’d kick my ass. Because he only trains for a triathlon! He drives a race car part time! [laughs]
Do you run?
Santino: To McDonalds.
Santino: Out of the mountain.
Santino: I can’t swim – I’m deathly afraid of water.
I think you’re going to win that one pretty easily.
Nabil: Yeah, looks like it. I might just swim the whole way!
And you do triathlons?
Nabil: Yeah, a bit.
Santino: See, I’m more fit in the race car, he’s more fit in a triathlon.
Nabil: Not really.
Santino: It’s a little bit true though. When we get out of the car you’re a little bit more tired than me. I’m like “do you want to go karting?” and you’re like “no, I’m stuffed”, and I was like “well I’m gonna go…”
Nabil: I went biking the next day.
Santino: But that’s easy.
Nabil: I did 75km in the mountains.
Santino: But I did 130 laps in a go kart!

If you were going to invite each other around for dinner, what would you cook?
Santino: I can cook really well, and all sorts of things – I make an Italian pasta dish with pancetta and cherry tomatoes, or I can make really good steak,
the Gordon Ramsey way.
Nabil: I’ll go to his house then, because I can’t cook! Maybe I’d ask my mum to cook, something Malaysian.
Santino: I do spicy, it’s all good.
Nabil: Maybe for the race weekend?
Santino: Yeah mate, you can smell it!

What do you think each other will be doing in 20 years’ time?
Santino: How old are you?
Nabil: 23.
Santino: You’ll be in your mid-40s, I’d say relaxing on a beach somewhere, in Malaysia.
Running a resort?
Nabil: In Malaysia, for sure. Make sure you guys come over!
Santino: In 20 years I hope I’m racing Nascar.
It’s about the right age group.
Santino: Exactly! I’d be young!
Nabil: What is the age group for Nascar?
Santino: Anywhere from 18 to 65 [laughs]

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