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Dear readers – faithful and occasional,

This is truly the end of an era! You have just read the very last issue of The Insider magazine…

It’s hard to imagine that our post-race Mondays will no longer be almost solely dedicated to writing features that brought you closer to our paddock. It started in January 2008 and went on to exist for eleven seasons.

Through the years, The Insider went under many makeovers whether editorial or in terms of designs. We will not dare to count the number of interviews we conducted, but we were always grateful to the drivers for duly answering some of our weirdest questions. We sometimes had to clean up their answers and, yes, we do have a little black book with records of those!

The team behind your magazine has seen many names not sign their articles but they were all very dedicated, and quite frankly highly-caffeinated whilst being supported by Whitestone International to produce the online version.

It has been a true pleasure losing sleep over The Insider for your reading pleasure. Some features will live on on our official website. Look out for them next season and don’t forget to share them on social media because you know how much we love it when you do!

But for now, you can put your reading glasses down…

The Insider

  Issue 25 F2
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